In the world of home decor, achieving a pristine and captivating finish for your walls is a paramount endeavor. To help you enhance the grandeur of your living space, we proudly introduce MG PLUS, India’s leading Premium Powder-Based Cement Primer aka WhiteWash. Elevating the art of whitewashing, MG PLUS is crafted with Imported Polymers, Special Chemicals, and Mineral Fillers, offering a distinctive chemical composition that outshines the competition.

Experience the Unrivaled Brilliance of MG PLUS

MG PLUS stands out for its exceptional brilliance, thanks to its unique ability to reflect sunlight and repel radiation. The outcome is a wall surface that maintains a constant temperature, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your paint. With MG PLUS, you can bask in the elegance of your home without worrying about the harsh effects of UV rays.

Unmatched Coverage and Smooth Finish

MG PLUS sets a new benchmark by providing an astounding 7X wider coverage than conventional cement primers. This means fewer coats, less effort, and substantial savings. Moreover, the super smooth finish achieved with MG PLUS is a testament to its superior quality and performance. Your walls will be nothing short of a work of art.

Discover MG PLUS: The Ultimate Choice for Your Walls

Incorporating MG PLUS into your home improvement project is not just a choice; it’s an investment in quality, durability, and aesthetics. Your walls deserve the best, and MG PLUS delivers on this promise.

How to Use MG PLUS – A Step-By-Step Guide

To get the best results from MG PLUS, we’ve created an easy-to-follow guide on how to use it effectively. Ensure your walls look their best with these simple steps.

1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from any contaminants.

2. Mixing : Mix MG PLUS with clean water in ratio 1:2 (1Part MG PLUS: 2 part water) to form a smooth liquid.

3. Application: Apply MG PLUS evenly on the surface using brush, roller or spray.

4. Drying: allowing it to dry for 24 hours.

For more details about how to use MG PLUS Read this blog.

Find MG PLUS Near You

MG PLUS is readily available through a network of trusted distributors. To locate the nearest MG PLUS distributor, simply click on the link WhatsApp. We’re dedicated to ensuring that MG PLUS is easily accessible to homeowners, contractors, and decorators across India.


Elevate your home’s charm and protect your walls with MG PLUS, India’s top-rated Premium Powder-Based Cement Primer aka WhiteWash. It’s time to embrace the best in whitewashing, enjoy unmatched coverage, and savor a smooth finish. MG PLUS is more than just a primer; it’s your key to a more beautiful living space. Invest in quality, and make MG PLUS your go-to choice for exceptional walls.

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Unlock the Power of Elegance with MG PLUS: Premium Powder-Based Cement Primer
Unlock the Power of Elegance with MG PLUS: Premium Powder-Based Cement Primer

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