mg cem


MG CEM - World's No.1 White Lime Wash


MG CEM Features :

MG CEM is a premium quality sparkling White Lime Wash with Primer and Insulation. It is a product by Mastermind Group. It is a high-quality hydrated lime produced using US Technology under ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • ISO Certified Product
  • Premium Quality (QC at every level of production)
  • Five Times more Coverage than White Cement
  • Sparkling Super-Rich White Colour
  • Excellent Smooth Finish
  • Anti-Wall Crust & Anti-Fungal
  • Self-Bonding Property
  • Save 25 to 30% Putty
  • Cost to User is less than 25p/Sqft/Coat
  • Both Interior & Exterior Use
  • Economical & Long Lasting
  • Decorative & Protective

MG CEM Quality :

The ISO 9001:2015 certification signifies a commitment towards robust quality policy. Raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products undergo testing in line with ISO standards, advanced equipment like statistical process control ensures consistent quality. The finished product quality is matched across more than 22 parameters, each lot is accompanied by a test prior to dispatch. Technology Innovations are directed towards quality up gradation. Eco-Friendly technology facilitate resource conservation.

“MG CEM Promises Quality”

We follow a stringent quality assurance test at every level before bringing raw material into final stage of production of MG CEM, adhere to the international level of quality. Backed by a proficient and dedicated team of skilled personnel, we always offer superior products to our customers.

How to apply

How to Apply MG CEM White Wash?

  • Mix 70-80% Water by the Volume of MG CEM Powder to get a thick paste. Stir with a stick or using Paint Mixer.
  • Add same quantity of water again to attain the required brush ability. (1 Kg MG CEM requires 2.5 Litres Water)
  • Allow the prepared mixture to mature for about 15 minutes before application.
  • The surface should be rough and in Just-Wet condition.
  • Apply first coat of MG CEM White Lime Wash uniformly on surface with help of smooth paint brush or roller.
  • After 10 to 12 hours, apply second coat of MG CEM White Lime Wash in other direction.
  • Allow complete drying for 24 hours.


  •  Remove dust, dust and foreign matter from the surface. It should be free from loose particles, grease and any other foreign materials. Clear the wall with the help of emery stone, putty blade or wire brush and clean the surface with water.
  • If the surface is very smooth  either old or new, scraping the surface with emery stone paper is recommended, before application of MG CEM. 

Precaution & Safety:

MG CEM White Lime Wash contains Eco-Friendly Fillers and Additives, however being white cement based, it is alkaline and hence it is advisable to avoid direct eye and skin contact. In case of eye contact, flush with clean water at least for 15 minutes and seek medical help if burning continues. It is recommended to keep it out of reach of children.