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MGCEM - India's No.1 Premium WhiteWash


is the India's Number One Premium WhiteWash (Cem) with highest Whiteness & Coverage of 134Sq.ft./Kg/Coat.


MG CEM - India's Largest White Wash Suppliers

MG CEM White Lime Wash is a product of Mastermind Group. Mastermind Group is an Indian conglomerate, founded 23 years ago by Late Shri Inder Singh Oberoi.

Under Building Materials, Mastermind Group deals in White Lime Wash, Wall Putty, Cement Primer and Texture. Within a short span, Mastermind Group is going to launch it’s Gypsum POP into Indian Markets.


Our Recent Awards

Close co-operation with our business associates and customers have paved our way to give our best in our every product we came up with, in the market. In the process we have been conferred with a few awards :

Every wall Count
Every Wall Count

Why Choose

ISO9001:2015 Certified

MG CEM White Wash has been certified and accredited by ISO ensuring that the Management System, Manufacturing Process and Document Procedure meets the requirements for International Standardization and Quality Assurance.

Economical & Long Lasting Solution

MG CEM White Lime Wash is an Economical & Long Lasting Solution as for end user it's application costs less than 25paisa/sqft or 0.5cents/sqft. It has better coverage than other similar products. MG CEM also serves as an Insulation, regulating the temperature of the building.

Premium Quality

The Raw Material used for making MG CEM is processed under Rotary Lime Kiln Plant Facility operated with US Technology. Company's secret chemicals are added in the preparation of MG CEM to enhance product's Whiteness, Covering and Binding Capacity.

Eco-Friendly Product

MG CEM White Lime Wash is an Eco-Friendly product since it doesn't contains any Volatile Organic Compound. Also the company's packaging is in Biltpak multiwall paper packaging - Pilfer Proof. In this endeavor your encouragement and support always inspire us to achieve our goals.

Both Interior & Exterior Use

MG CEM White Lime Wash can be used for both Interior & Exterior Surfaces. It can be applied on all type of Plaster & Concrete Wall, Ceilings and Brick Wall. For Smooth surfaces (Old or New), scraping with emery stone paper is recommended.

Easy Application

MG CEM White Wash is easy to apply. Mix 70-80% Water by Volume to stiff consistency by suitable mixture. Leave for 10-15 mins for polymerization. After that it can be applied either by brush or roller on moderately rough and just-wet condition surface. Second coat should be applied after 12hrs.

MG CEM Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

MG CEM is the latest product by Mastermind Group. They have marketed it well in Northern areas. Best thing about Mastermind Group is that they hold your hand whatsoever is the situation. I have worked as a distributor with many other companies. All of them, after certain time increase their targets, even if one is giving good sales, and if their new target is not met, a new distributor is appointed in the same area which further hampers all the hard work of a dealer. I have faced this issue a lot, but this company has something unique. My competitors tried directly to talk to company for distribution in my area, but the company gives them my contact in return. I wish MG CEM keeps the same attitude for long, this will definitely take you people to heights.
God Bless You!
Janak Moktan, India
I have recently taken distribution of MG CEM for Kannauj. I can honestly say that I've made the right choice as the product quality is Superb and the company is ready to help at each and every stage. The support given by Mr.Vikas and his team is excellent.
Arman Khan, India
We are the Distributor for MG CEM by Mastermind Group. We have been connected for more than a year now. The product perfectly matched our requirements and our dealers are loving it. MG's pricing and schemes are very engaging, it keeps our dealers, painters as well as us involved deep in business.
Jas Dham, India