Are you tired of lackluster wall finishes that fail to capture the essence of your space? Look no further, for MG PLUS is here to revolutionize your painting experience. As India’s top-rated premium powder-based cement primer, MG PLUS promises unparalleled brilliance and a seamless painting process like never before.


In the realm of home improvement, the foundation is everything. Just as a solid foundation supports a structure, a superior primer sets the stage for a flawless paint job. Enter MG PLUS – a game-changer in the world of surface preparation. With its advanced formulation and cutting-edge technology, MG PLUS elevates the concept of priming to new heights.


1. Superior Coverage: MG PLUS boasts an impressive coverage rate, offering up to 7 times more coverage than other products in the market. With a range of 3750-4000 sqft per pack and a cost as low as 35 paisa per sqft, MG PLUS delivers exceptional value for money.

2. Unmatched Whiteness: Experience the brilliance of MG PLUS as it transforms your walls with its unmatched whiteness. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster surfaces and hello to a radiant, luminous finish that breathes life into any space.

3. Versatility: Whether you’re painting interiors or exteriors, MG PLUS is the ultimate solution for all your priming needs. Its versatility allows for seamless application on a variety of surfaces, ensuring a smooth and uniform finish every time.

4. Ease of Use: Designed with both homeowners and professionals in mind, MG PLUS is incredibly easy to use. Its user-friendly nature ensures hassle-free application, saving you time and effort during the painting process.

5. Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly: At MG PLUS, we believe in sustainability without compromise. Our eco-friendly formulation not only minimizes environmental impact but also contributes to a healthier indoor environment for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, MG PLUS is budget-friendly, offering superior quality at an affordable price point.

How to Use MG PLUS:

1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from any dust, grease, or contaminants.

2. Mixing: Mix MG PLUS with water in recommended ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG PLUS : 2 Part water). Stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth, lump-free liquid.

3. Application: Choose your preferred application method – brush, roller, or spray. Apply MG PLUS evenly on the surface, covering it comprehensively.

4. Drying Time: Allow MG PLUS to dry for 24 hours. The surface will exhibit a super smooth finish that is ready for the next phase of your project.

For more details about how to use MG CEM, Read this blog.

Finding MG PLUS Distributors Near You:

Looking to get your hands on MG PLUS? Our extensive network of distributors ensures easy access to our products across India. Simply click on the link WhatsApp  to locate a distributor near you.


Experience the transformative power of MG PLUS and unlock the true potential of your space. With its unmatched whiteness, superior coverage, and ease of use, MG PLUS sets the standard for excellence in priming. Say goodbye to mediocre results and hello to brilliance with MG PLUS – India’s premium cement primer.

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Unleashing unmatched whiteness with the power of MG Plus, India's No. 1 premium powder based cement primer.🏠✨️
Unleashing unmatched whiteness with the power of MG Plus, India’s No. 1 premium powder based cement primer.🏠✨️

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