Are you in pursuit of the finest white cement wash for your interior and exterior walls? Look no further! MG CEM proudly introduces a premium whitewash that redefines excellence in wall finishing. Our product, MG CEM, is India’s number one choice for those seeking top-tier quality. With unparalleled features and benefits, it’s time to discover the magic of MG CEM.

Why MG CEM is India’s Best White Cement Wash

Unmatched Coverage

MG CEM is designed to cover vast areas with remarkable efficiency. With a staggering coverage of 3400 square feet per bag, you can transform your space without worrying about running out of product. This extensive coverage not only saves you money but also guarantees a consistent and beautiful finish.

Spectacular Whiteness

If you’re aiming for a radiant and pure white finish, MG CEM delivers with a whiteness rating of 97%. This level of brightness creates a stunning backdrop for your decor, making your walls the epitome of elegance.

Impressive Strength

Don’t just settle for aesthetics; MG CEM also ensures structural integrity. After 14 days of application, it boasts a strength of 1.6 N/mm², which increases to a remarkable 3.2 N/mm² after 28 days. Your walls will not only look beautiful but also stand the test of time.

How to Use MG CEM

To achieve the best results with MG CEM, follow these simple steps:

1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, and loose particles.

2. Mixing: Prepare MG CEM by adding clean water and mixing to a smooth, lump-free consistency.

4. Application: Apply the liquid evenly on the surface using a brush, roller, or spray.

5. Drying Time: Allow the whitewash to dry for at least 24 hours.

6. Finish: Admire the brilliant whiteness of MG CEM.

For more details about how to use MG CEM Read this blog.

Finding MG CEM Distributors Near You

To get your hands on MG CEM, simply click on the link WhatsApp. You’ll find a list of authorized distributors ready to provide you with the product. We have a widespread network of distributors, ensuring easy access to MG CEM across India.


MG CEM is not just another white cement wash; it’s the epitome of excellence. With unmatched coverage, incredible whiteness, and impressive strength, it outshines the competition. Transform your living spaces with the brilliance of MG CEM, and experience the difference. Choose MG CEM an advanced replacement of the best white cement in india.

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Unleash Brilliance with MG CEM: India's Best White Cement Wash✨️
Unleash Brilliance with MG CEM: India’s Best White Cement Wash✨️

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