Are you in search of the perfect solution to enhance the beauty of your walls while providing durability and elegance? Look no further! Introducing MG CEM, India’s No.1 White Cement Wash. With its unparalleled coverage of 3400 sqft at just 25 paisa/sqft cost, MG CEM revolutionizes the concept of white cement wash, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Why Choose MG CEM?

1. Exceptional Coverage: MG CEM offers an impressive coverage of 3400 sqft, ensuring that you get more value for your money. At a cost of just 25 paisa per sqft, MG CEM provides unparalleled coverage that surpasses any other product in the market.

2. Superior Quality: Crafted with precision and expertise, MG CEM is engineered to deliver superior quality results. As India’s best white cement wash, MG CEM guarantees a flawless finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any surface.

3. User-Friendly Application: Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, MG CEM is designed for easy application. With its user-friendly features, anyone can achieve professional results with minimal effort. Whether you prefer using a brush, roller, or spray, MG CEM adapts to your preferred method, making the application process a breeze.

4. Eco-Friendly and Budget-Friendly:
At MG CEM, we prioritize sustainability and affordability. Our eco-friendly formula ensures minimal environmental impact, while our budget-friendly pricing makes MG CEM accessible to all. Say goodbye to traditional white cement washes that come with hefty price tags and harmful environmental effects.

5. Versatile Usage:
MG CEM can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, providing unmatched versatility. Whether you’re renovating your home or working on a commercial project, MG CEM delivers exceptional results every time. Plus, with its advanced formula, MG CEM eliminates common issues associated with traditional white cement washes, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Why White Cement Wash?

MG CEM White Cement Wash offers a multitude of benefits, making it the preferred choice for enhancing the beauty of cement plastered walls. Here’s why  MG CEM White Cement Wash is gaining popularity among homeowners and professionals alike:

1. Aesthetic Appeal: MG CEM White cement wash creates a clean and elegant look that instantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space. Its bright and reflective surface adds depth and dimension, making rooms appear larger and more inviting.

2. Durability: Unlike traditional paint, MG CEM White Cement Wash forms a strong bond with the surface, resulting in superior durability and longevity. It withstands harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring that your walls remain pristine for years to come.

3. Versatility: From residential homes to commercial buildings, MG CEM White Cement Wash can be used in various settings, making it a versatile choice for architects and designers. Its ability to complement any decor style makes it a timeless option for interior and exterior applications.

How to Use MG CEM?

Using MG CEM is simple and straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design. Follow these steps to achieve professional results:

  • Prepare the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and ensuring that it is free from dust, dirt, and grease.
  • Mix MG CEM with water in recommended ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG CEM : 2 Part water). Stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth, lump-free liquid.
  • Choose your preferred application method – brush, roller, or spray. Apply MG CEM evenly on the surface, covering it comprehensively.
  • Allow MG CEM to dry for 24 hours. The surface will exhibit a super smooth finish that is ready for the next phase of your project.
  • Sit back and admire the flawless finish achieved with MG CEM, knowing that you’ve unlocked exceptional value and beauty for your walls.

To know more about how to use MG CEM, Read this blog.

Find MG CEM Near You

Ready to experience the transformative power of MG CEM? Locate a distributor near you by just simply clicking on the link WhatsApp and unlock the exceptional value that MG CEM has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about our products and unleash the potential of your walls with MG CEM, India’s No.1 White Cement Wash.


MG CEM sets a new standard of excellence in the world of white cement wash, offering unmatched coverage, quality, and versatility. Say goodbye to outdated solutions and embrace the future of wall enhancement with MG CEM. Unlock exceptional value and beauty for your walls today!

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MG CEM - India's No.1 White Cement Wash with 3400 Sqft Coverage at just 25 Paisa/Sqft.❤️😇
MG CEM – India’s No.1 White Cement Wash with 3400 Sqft Coverage at just 25 Paisa/Sqft.❤️😇

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