In the realm of white cement wash products, MG CEM and MG PLUS stand tall as pioneers, offering remarkable coverage and unmatched whiteness that outshines the competition. As you prepare to celebrate Karwachauth, our team at Mastermind Group extends warm wishes to all the couples partaking in this beautiful tradition. Our heartfelt hope is that this special day of love and devotion strengthens the bonds that unite us.

The Pinnacle of Whitewash Excellence

MG CEM Premium White Cement Wash

MG CEM is not just another whitewash; it’s a revolutionary product that outshines other white cement products in India. With MG CEM, you get a whopping 5 times more coverage and whiteness. This means you can achieve that stunning, immaculate finish with fewer coats, saving both time and resources. Say goodbye to uneven shades and hello to a consistent, brilliant white that will leave your space looking pristine.

MG PLUS Premium Powder-Based Cement Primer aka WhiteWash:

If you seek the best in premium powder-based cement primer for whitewashing, MG PLUS is your answer. It delivers 3 times more coverage and whiteness compared to other cement primers in the market. This product ensures that your walls and surfaces remain flawlessly white, making your interiors truly enchanting.

How to Use MG CEM or MG PLUS for the Perfect Whitewash

Achieving the perfect whitewash with MG CEM or MG PLUS is straightforward. Follow these steps to transform your walls into a canvas of purity:

  1. Prepare the Surface: Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust and debris. Repair any cracks or imperfections.
  2. Mix : Mix MG CEM or MG PLUS with clean water in ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG CEM or MG PLUS : 2 Part water) to create a smooth liquid.
  3. Application: Apply the MG CEM or MG PLUS liquid evenly on the surface using a brush or roller.
  4. Dry : Allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  5. Enjoy the Brilliance: Once dry, step back and admire the brilliant, radiant whiteness that MG CEM has brought to your space.

To know more about how to use MG CEM or MG PLUS Read this blog.

Find MG CEM Distributors Near You

To experience the exceptional benefits of MG CEM and MG PLUS, you can easily find our distributors near you. Simply click on the link WhatsApp to locate the nearest point of sale for our products.

At Mastermind Group, we’re committed to providing MG CEM & MG PLUS as an advanced replacement of the best white cement in India. Our products are optimized for maximum coverage and whiteness, making your spaces truly mesmerizing. As you celebrate Karwachauth, let MG CEM and MG PLUS be a part of your journey to create a beautiful, pristine environment in your home.

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Optimize your space with MG CEM and MG PLUS, and experience the magic of pure, brilliant white.

MG CEM and MG PLUS: Elevating Your Karwachauth Celebrations with Unmatched Whitewash Excellence
MG CEM and MG PLUS: Elevating Your Karwachauth Celebrations with Unmatched Whitewash Excellence

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