February 12th marks National Productivity Day in India, a day dedicated to fostering efficiency, innovation, and growth across all sectors of the economy. Spearheaded by the National Productivity Council (NPC), this celebration aligns perfectly with the ethos of MG CEM and MG PLUS – two exceptional products designed to elevate productivity while delivering superior whitewashing solutions. As we extend our warm wishes to all on this significant day, let’s delve into how MG CEM and MG PLUS epitomize productivity, innovation, and quality consciousness, making them the go-to choice for enhancing productivity in the realm of whitewashing.

Introducing MG CEM & MG PLUS:

MG CEM and MG PLUS represent a revolutionary approach to whitewashing, offering unparalleled quality, efficiency, and user-friendliness. MG CEM is a premium white cement wash, while MG PLUS serves as a premium powder-based cement primer, also known as WhiteWash. Both products are specifically formulated for whitewashing cement plastered walls, providing a flawless finish that withstands the test of time. What sets MG CEM and MG PLUS apart is their versatility – while MG PLUS functions as a primer, it also excels as a whitewash, offering dual functionality in a single product.

Key Features and Benefits:

1. Eco-Friendly: MG CEM and MG PLUS are eco-friendly alternatives, reducing the environmental impact typically associated with conventional whitewashing products.
2. Budget-Friendly: Offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, MG CEM and MG PLUS cater to both residential and commercial projects, making whitewashing accessible to all.

3. User-Friendly Application: Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, applying MG CEM and MG PLUS is a breeze. With options for brush, roller, or spray application, achieving professional-grade results has never been easier.

4. Superior Performance: Say goodbye to common whitewashing woes. MG CEM and MG PLUS are engineered to eliminate issues like flaking, chalking, and discoloration, ensuring a pristine finish that lasts.

Unlocking Productivity with MG CEM & MG PLUS:

As we celebrate National Productivity Day, it’s imperative to recognize the role of innovation and efficiency in driving growth. MG CEM and MG PLUS embody these principles, offering a seamless solution for whitewashing projects of any scale. By leveraging these products, individuals and businesses can enhance productivity in the following ways:

1. Time Efficiency: With quick-drying formulas and easy application methods, MG CEM and MG PLUS expedite the whitewashing process, allowing for faster project completion without compromising on quality.

2. Resource Optimization: By eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups and repairs, MG CEM and MG PLUS minimize resource wastage, translating to cost savings and improved efficiency.

3. Quality Assurance: The superior adhesion and durability of MG CEM and MG PLUS ensure long-lasting results, reducing the need for maintenance and enhancing overall productivity in the long run.

How to Use MG CEM & MG PLUS

Using MG CEM and MG PLUS is as simple as it gets. Whether you prefer a brush, roller, or spray application, our products ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish. Follow these steps to unleash the full potential of MG CEM and MG PLUS:

1. Surface Preparation: Ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of any dust or debris.

2. Mixing: Mix MG CEM & MG PLUS with water in recommended ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG CEM & MG PLUS : 2 Part water). Stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth, lump-free liquid.

3. Application: Choose your preferred application method – brush, roller, or spray. Apply MG CEM & MG PLUS evenly on the surface, covering it comprehensively.

4. Drying Time: Allow MG CEM & MG PLUS to dry for 24 hours. The surface will exhibit a super smooth finish that is ready for the next phase of your project.

5. Finishing Touches: Sit back and admire the flawless finish that MG CEM and MG PLUS have achieved.

To know more about how to use MG CEM & MG PLUS, Read this blog.

Find MG CEM & MG PLUS Near You

Looking to get your hands on MG CEM and MG PLUS? Our products are available through a network of authorized distributors across India. Simply click on the link WhatsApp to find a distributor near you and experience the magic of MG CEM and MG PLUS for yourself.


On this National Productivity Day, let’s embrace the spirit of efficiency and innovation with MG CEM and MG PLUS. As we commemorate the efforts of the National Productivity Council in driving economic growth, let’s also acknowledge the transformative impact of products like MG CEM and MG PLUS in enhancing productivity across various sectors. Whether you’re in search of the best whitewashing solution or aiming to elevate productivity in your projects, MG CEM and MG PLUS are your trusted allies in achieving excellence.

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Celebrate National Productivity Day with MG CEM & MG PLUS: Elevate Efficiency and Quality with Superior Whitewashing Solutions.πŸ’
Celebrate National Productivity Day with MG CEM & MG PLUS: Elevate Efficiency and Quality with Superior Whitewashing Solutions.πŸ’

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