As Hug Day approaches, it’s time to spread warmth and coziness, not just in our relationships but also in our surroundings. At Mastermind Group, we believe in wrapping your walls in elegance and comfort with our premium products, MG CEM and MG PLUS. Let’s dive into how these innovative solutions can transform your spaces and make your Hug Day even more special!

What is MG CEM and MG PLUS?

MG CEM is not just any ordinary white cement wash; it’s a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the beauty of your walls. On the other hand, MG PLUS is a premium powder-based cement primer, also known as WhiteWash, which not only whitewashes but also prime your walls for a flawless finish. These products are specifically formulated for whitewashing cement plastered walls, offering a seamless application and long-lasting results.

Why Choose MG CEM and MG PLUS?

1. Eco-friendly: With increasing concerns about environmental impact, MG CEM and MG PLUS stand out as eco-friendly options, ensuring that your walls look beautiful without harming the planet.

2. Budget-friendly: In today’s economic climate, everyone is looking for cost-effective solutions. MG CEM and MG PLUS not only deliver exceptional results but also come at a pocket-friendly price point, making them accessible to all.

3. User-friendly: Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, using MG CEM and MG PLUS is a breeze. Simply grab a brush, roller, or spray, and experience the magic of these products as they effortlessly transform your walls.

4. Problem-solving: Say goodbye to common whitewash woes! MG CEM and MG PLUS are designed to tackle issues like cracking, peeling, and fading, ensuring that your walls retain their pristine appearance for years to come.

Experience the Warmth of Hug Day with MG CEM & MG PLUS

This Hug Day, give your walls the love and care they deserve with MG CEM and MG PLUS. Our products not only provide a fresh coat of elegance but also embody the warmth and comfort of a hug. Imagine coming home to walls that exude coziness and charm, creating the perfect backdrop for memorable moments with your loved ones.

How to Use MG CEM and MG PLUS

Using MG CEM and MG PLUS is as easy as 1-2-3-4! Simply follow these steps for a flawless application:

1. Surface Preparation: Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly. Ensure it is free from dust, dirt, and any previous coatings.

2. Mixing: Mix MG CEM or MG PLUS with water in recommended ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG CEM or MG PLUS : 2 Part water). Stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth, lump-free liquid.

3. Application: Choose your preferred application method – brush, roller, or spray. Apply MG CEM or MG PLUS evenly on the surface, covering it comprehensively.

4. Drying Time: Allow MG CEM or MG PLUS to dry for 24 hours. The surface will exhibit a super smooth finish that is ready for the next phase of your project.

To know more about how to use MG CEM or MG PLUS, Read this blog.

Find Your Nearest Distributor

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As you celebrate Hug Day, don’t forget to extend the warmth and comfort to your living spaces with MG CEM and MG PLUS. With their eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and user-friendly features, these products are sure to become your go-to choice for all your whitewashing needs. Embrace the elegance and charm of Mastermind Group’s white cement solutions and make every day a Hug Day for your walls!

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Embrace Hug Day Warmth with Mastermind Group's MG CEM & MG PLUS: The Best Choice for White Cement Solutions.🫂✨️
Embrace Hug Day Warmth with Mastermind Group’s MG CEM & MG PLUS: The Best Choice for White Cement Solutions.🫂✨️

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