In the realm of interior design, every detail matters. From the furniture to the décor, each element contributes to crafting spaces that exude elegance and sophistication. Among these, wall treatments hold a special significance, setting the tone for the entire ambiance. And when it comes to achieving a pristine, luxurious finish, nothing surpasses the excellence of MG CEM – India’s No.1 Premium White Cement Wash.

Introducing MG CEM: Redefining White Cement Wash

MG CEM isn’t just any ordinary white cement wash; it’s a testament to unparalleled quality and innovation. Designed to adorn cement plaster walls with a radiant white finish, MG CEM offers exceptional coverage of up to 3400 sqft, all at an unbeatable cost of less than 25 paisa per sqft.

Why Choose MG CEM?

1. 5X High Coverage: With MG CEM, you can achieve superior coverage, ensuring every corner of your space receives a flawless coat of sparkling white.
2. Sparkling Milky White Colour: Say goodbye to dull, lackluster walls. MG CEM delivers a brilliant, milky white hue that instantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any interior or exterior surface.

3. Smooth Finishing: Experience the luxury of smooth, velvety walls that invite touch and admiration. MG CEM’s impeccable finishing transforms ordinary walls into works of art.

4. For Both Interior and Exterior Walls: Versatility meets excellence with MG CEM. Whether you’re revamping your living room or enhancing your home’s facade, MG CEM delivers unmatched performance on both interior and exterior walls.

5. Papdi se Chutkara: Bid farewell to pesky imperfections and uneven surfaces. MG CEM effortlessly conceals minor flaws, leaving behind a flawless canvas ready for your personal touch.

6. 100% Waterproof: With MG CEM, durability is never a concern. Its waterproof properties ensure long-lasting protection against moisture, ensuring the longevity of your walls.

7. Premium Base Coat: MG CEM isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality too. Its premium base coat reduces the consumption of putty by 25-30%, saving you both time and resources.

User-Friendly and Eco-Friendly

What sets MG CEM apart is its user-friendly nature. Whether you’re a homeowner or a seasoned professional, MG CEM is designed for effortless application. Its eco-friendly composition further underscores its commitment to sustainability, making it a choice you can feel good about.

Why White Cement for Cement Plaster Walls?

White cement holds a special place in the world of interior design, particularly when it comes to cement plaster walls. Unlike traditional white paints, white cement offers unparalleled durability and resilience, making it the preferred choice for both residential and commercial spaces. Its ability to withstand the test of time, coupled with its versatility and aesthetic appeal, makes it a staple in any designer’s toolkit.

Experience the MG CEM Difference

With MG CEM, elevating your interiors to new heights of luxury has never been easier. Its unmatched coverage, impeccable finish, and enduring quality make it the go-to choice for discerning homeowners and design professionals alike. Say goodbye to ordinary walls and hello to a world of opulence with MG CEM – India’s premier white cement wash.

The Art of Application

A crucial aspect of the blog is guiding readers on how to make the most of MG CEM. Step-by-step instructions on application techniques using brushes, rollers, or spray ensure that both novices and professionals can achieve stunning results effortlessly.

1. Surface Preparation: Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly. Ensure it is free from dust, dirt, and any previous coatings.

2. Mixing: Mix MG CEM with water in recommended ratio 1:2 (1 Part MG CEM : 2 Part water). Stir the mixture well until it forms a smooth, lump-free liquid.

3. Application: Choose your preferred application method – brush, roller, or spray. Apply MG CEM evenly on the surface, covering it comprehensively.

4. Drying Time: Allow MG CEM to dry for 24 hours. The surface will exhibit a super smooth finish that is ready for the next phase of your project.

To know more about how to use MG CEM, Read this blog.

Find MG CEM Near You

Ready to experience the transformative power of MG CEM? Locate your nearest distributor by just simply clicking on the link WhatsApp and embark on a journey towards luxurious living today. With MG CEM, luxury is no longer a dream but a tangible reality waiting to adorn your walls.


In the realm of interior design, every detail matters, and with MG CEM, perfection is within reach. Elevate your interiors with a touch of luxury and indulge in the unparalleled brilliance of India’s No.1 Premium White Cement Wash. Say goodbye to ordinary walls and hello to extraordinary living with MG CEM aka an Advanced Replacement to the Best White Cement in India. Discover the difference today.

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Elevate Your Interiors with MG CEM - India's No.1 Premium White Cement Wash.❤️🤩
Elevate Your Interiors with MG CEM – India’s No.1 Premium White Cement Wash.❤️🤩

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