MG CEM – How it is used for WhiteWashing?

When it comes to building houses, MG CEM is the best deal in the market right now. Here in India, most of us are looking for products that balance both the quality and price. MG CEM offers just that and even more benefits to keep the customers satisfied. To understand MG CEM, let’s look into how it is made, specific differences to keep in mind and how Mastermind Group plans to expand its reach in India.

MG CEM is a Premium Powder Base Cement Primer, also known as a Premium WhiteWash. Being manufactured using selected raw material, MG CEM has imported additives. These additives help in making the product high in quality and long-lasting as well. For those unaware of how WhiteWash works, let’s look into its properties and how it’s different from White Cement or Putty.

What is WhiteWash?

Most of us have heard the term WhiteWash. Some of us already know it is somewhat related to decorating houses. Yes, WhiteWash is a solution that is used over the grey Cement Plaster for the purpose of WhiteWashing.

Though some people think MG CEM WhiteWash and Lime Wash are similar, there are huge differences between them. For example, Lime Wash has a property of Chalking when Rubbed with Hand or other subject while the latter, MG CEM does not chalk in any condition. Second and the most important example is that Nothing such as Putty, POP or Paint can be applied over Lime Wash while the latter MG CEM WhiteWash is a Premium Base Coat that allows Putty (Reducing Putty application by 30-35%), POP, and even direct application of Paint over it, giving walls a Premium look.

So now the question arises – How is MG CEM a Sparkling WhiteWash? It is so because MG CEM has 97% Milky White Colour. Sparkling White MG CEM can be applied to both your interior and exterior surfaces. It also has certain properties which help in upholding the quality for the same.

Now let us understand the difference between Painting and doing WhiteWash using MG CEM.

MG CEM White Washing and Painting:

WhiteWash can be used in both interiors and exteriors of the house. Though used for painting, WhiteWash can also be used in masonry and for its anti-bacterial properties. MG CEM has certain additives to enhance the quality and eliminate limitations faced by standard WhiteWash products. This explains the Premium tag that MG CEM holds. In a traditional sense, MG CEM can be called White Cem as well.

Differences between WhiteWash, White Cem and Putty:

As we all know, White Cem can help in whitewashing. So the differences here will be based on white cement putty and solution putty. When it comes to White Cem:

  • As mentioned, it’s made of white cement with additives and polymers to strengthen the quality.
  • White Cem can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.
  • White Cem gives a shiny matt finish to the walls
  • Used before for decorating walls.
  • Complete focus on the appearance of the walls.

Now with regular/acrylic wall putty,

  • Putty can be based on white cement. White Cem is the base for such putty.
  • Putty is a Water-based solution.
  • Mostly used in interior based surfaces.
  • Putty is used for maintaining walls.
  • Minimal focus on appearance.

Never use primers before whitewashing. This is mainly because primers are used as a preparatory coating, not staining. Primers should be used only when the surface is dried. Primers can be used on walls as well. There are different kind of primers, like oil-based primers and so on.

Apart from primers, Base Coat is used during whitewashing. Base Coat is somewhat the first layer of paint applied as the base. The Base Coat type can vary based on textures/materials. Base Coat can be water-based or solvent-based. During whitewashing, the usage of base coat and primers can smoothen the textures of walls.

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