MG CEM – No.1 Premium WhiteWash / White Cement Wash by Mastermind Group 

Mastermind Group’s MG CEM, the leading premium whitewash brand in India, has positioned itself as the “Largest supplier and exporter of Premium Quality WhiteWash/ White Cement Wash.” MG CEM is the first-of-its-kind premium white cement wash with an exceptionally high covering ratio, sparkling white colour, and an economical wall finish. It is far more superior and lasts much longer than ordinary Lime Wash or WhiteWash. 

Exceptional features of the premium MGCEM WhiteWash include:

  • Superior White Finish with Smooth Matt look.
  • Self-Bonding & Easy to Apply.
  • Polymer-based MGCEM helps in filling minor pores, pinholes, and hairline cracks.
  • Applicable on moist surfaces.
  • Eco-Friendly with 0% VOC.

Benefits of premium MG CEM WhiteWash include:

  • It does not peel or flake, nor does it gets washed away.
  • Provides long-term durability.
  • Gives additional strength to the surface.
  • Applicable on both Interior & Exterior surfaces.

MG Cem is a product of Mastermind Group, distributed by the company under ISO 9001:2015 certification, dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer needs. As per the requirement, MG Cem is available in different quantities, namely 25kgs, 10kgs, and 5kgs. MG CEM effectively reduces the temperature of walls to the extent of 7°C to 10°C due to the insulating property of the material.

Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Oberoi is the Managing Director of Mastermind Group. His visionary supervision of delivering and distributing MG products in the entire World has helped MGCEM acquire valuable goodwill and reputation in the industry. Under the supervision of Mr Oberoi, Mastermind Group is well equipped and committed to delivering premium quality products through upgraded logistics. 

After creating India’s premium White Cement Wash, Mastermind Group has now developed an even advanced quality product named MG PLUS. MG PLUS is a Premium Powder Base Cement Primer created after extensive research involving painters, retailers, and distributors across the country.

In an interview, Mr. Jagjeet Singh Oberoi, Chairman, Mastermind Group, stated that Mastermind Group is all set to export its flagship products MG CEM and MG PLUS to the Middle East, Far East, Bangladesh, and Nepal. 

MG CEM – No.1 Premium WhiteWash / White Cement Wash by Mastermind Group 
MG CEM – No.1 Premium WhiteWash / White Cement Wash by Mastermind Group 

MG CEM / MG PLUS Target Audience: 

Primary-Home-owners, Secondary – painters/builders/ architects/ contractors/ owners of commercial properties.

About Mastermind Group:

Mastermind Group is an Indian Conglomerate. It is a combination of multiple business entities operating in entirely different industries under one corporate group. Mastermind Group was founded 23 years ago by Late Shri Inder Singh Oberoi. The Company owns Businesses in various sectors such as Health, Education, F&B, Hospitality, Export, and Building Materials. They have constantly been thriving for the past few decades to provide the best in the industry and maintain the finest quality at an optimum cost. The group always focuses on growth by building a solid clientele. The vision of the Mastermind Group is to get registered for IPO (Initial Public Offer) and subsequently get listed in BSE. Having toiled hard all these years to make progress, its modest success has given them enough confidence to take on the more significant challenges. The folks at Mastermind Group are all ready to make more considerable strides, with their ‘Vision’ as their guiding light.

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