Mastermind Group pledges to go 100% Paperless by 2025

The widespread shift to remote work in Mastermind Group over the last two year has redefined the way our sales teams engage with customers and prospects. According to our internal report, about 70-80% of our buyers and vendors prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement rather than face-to-face sales interactions.

We believe that our new sales model for reaching and serving customers is more effective. While digital transformation and virtual conferencing have allowed sales conversations to continue throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of face-to-face contact and growth in digital engagement means customer expectations have changed. Long gone are the days of purely offline interactions.

Our marketing channels those have been converted from offline to online channels helps our sales professionals to focus more on the customer relationship and less on the repetitive, administrative tasks. Here digital documents and e-signatures play a crucial role. This pandemic has turbo-charged e-signature adoption. Mastermind Group’s 90% business contracts were the most popular type of document to be e-signed in the year 2021. It’s time to tear up paper-based processes.

Digitising our Document Processes at Mastermind Group from a business standpoint, adopting end-to-end digital processes enables easier collaboration, guarantees better document security, and improves our overall productivity. More importantly, it allows us to reduce administrative tasks and better meet our customers’ needs. Document workflows and processes underpin a vast array of interactions within our business and thus represent a prime opportunity for improving efficiency. For instance, e-signatures halve the time required to sign contracts, which eliminates inefficiencies across departments, alleviating the pressure on IT teams.

Therefore, using a digital document solution can allow our sales teams to encrypt, password-protect, and share documents with one who is the real owner. There is also a greater need to move away from a transactional approach to a journey-based mindset to drive innovation and profitability.

An omnichannel strategy, which incorporates the efficiency of digital processes with offline customer relationship building, will be the key to future-proofing sales strategies. By addressing business resilience and understanding how to work in new hybrid working environments, investment in digitising document processes will bring both immediate and long-term advantages, helping Mastermind Group stay competitive, agile, and productive.

Mastermind Group pledges to go 100% Paperless by 2025
Mastermind Group pledges to go 100% Paperless by 2025

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